Dec 20, 2009

Dec 22, 09 : Got paid from the previous balance
Site is reponen:
Site was down to upgrade, and Admin Steve sent email to re-join and he gave all balance and all ads which I bought but yet use up.

Though It takes quite long time to inform me (cause me understand that they turn scam), The admin is honest,

The site is lower down click value to $0.0003 which will make the site long term sustainable.

Owner/admin: Steve Guillory

Type : Aurora site
Click value : $0.0003
Min payout : $1
Payment method : Paypal, Alert pay (no fee)
Payout Time : 1-5 days
Earning from ref : 5 level
Forum : available | contact | TOS
- Mar 27,09 Recieve 3rd payment, I assumed that because of the fast increase of member causing longer payment queue. It is still a good site though total click value per day drop from at least $0.1 to around $0.04. It is obviously because of hugh increase in member from 300 to almost 3,000. Yeap, the other new sites also have same pattern such as pempered pet.
-Member increase very fast to 2,800+. Bad sign appears 1). slow payment 2). few-no ads from advertisers, most ads are from Admin. Let's hope the site will stay long.
-knowing site owner: Steve Guillory, 50 yrs old ,a canadian indian living in lake charles,LA,USA. Owner of & 35 other website & one hosting company & 2 fast food stores. His wife has a pet shop they have a 14 year dauthur trying to learn PHP codeing and she owns
-Mar5, 09: Site grow very fast from 300 to >1,200 member so I've never got the ads with high value like $0.01. $0.002 becomes major ads value, but that's fine as long as the site stay sustainable. Payout via Paypaly now is no fee, Due to fast increasing in member and many can earn fast. got to wait for 4 days on my 2nd payment . I still like the site alot. Wish Steve keeps managing the site in good shape (will be sad if things happen to the site).
- new site which is down quite often to improve and insert more features. So don't worry if the link got 404 just wait for 1-2 hrs and try again, the longest down time was around 2 hrs except last night that the site was attacked by hacker. It is growing rather fast. Admin Steve own megojoe, and run other 2 sites as only admin (same sever) 1. owned by jenny 2. own by Reachelle Duhon . Steve got a negative comment in a thread in some forum. I think as long as he run the site and able to pay member is fine with me. I like varieties of package the site offers. it is affordable for me to upgrade to premium

Cashout screen:

Payment proof
1st payment
2nd payment
3rd payment
4th payment


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