May 20, 2009


Type : PTRE (Paid-to-Read ,Paid-to-Click , Paid-to-Signup, Affilliate Pages, Paid-to-Promote, Games, Contests,Clicking bonusses)
Paid to click : $0.0002 - $0.0025
Paid to read : $0.0002 - $0.0025
Paid to promote : $0.75/1,000 unique hits
Min payout : # no minimum payout via Paypal & Egold, # $1 via Alertpay and Liberty reserve (you must stay active for 14 day then the withdraw button will shown up)
Payment method : Paypal , Egold, Alertpay($1), Liberty reserve ($1)
Payout Time : within 7-10 days per TOS . actual is about 7 days.
Earning from ref : 1 Referral levels: 10% (no further activity requirement to earn from downline)
Forum : not-available | contact | TOS |
Important note: Not accepting new member from China, India, Poland, and Russian

May 18,09
-I like Valeptr much more than no-minimum due to fast to reach payout
-To earn, I normally click only PTC PTR and contest PTC since most Emails are with 0 value to support the click contest. Only these 3 areas are enable me to reach 2,500 clicks/moth which is enough. If you have more time, clicking all emails you can reach at least 15,000 links per month
If you have more then 500 clicks on PTC or email from last month, you'll will be credited, when you login next month:
OVER 500 links you receive $0.01
OVER 1,000 links you receive $0.05
OVER 2,500 links you receive $0.10
OVER 5,000 links you receive $0.15
OVER 10,000 links you receive $0.20
OVER 15,000 links you receive $0.30
OVER 20,000 links you receive $0.50
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Payment proof:


May 17, 2009

Clicksia & Incentria


Type : Aurora site (ptc, ptr, ptsu, ptp)
Paid to click : $0.001 - $0.005 (main value is $o.oo1) | Est. ad links : ptc 3-18
Paid to read ad: $0.001 - $0.005 (main value is $o.oo1) | Est. read ad link : 2
Paid to promote: $0.10 CPM
Point convert to : cash (10pts:$o.oo1), banner credit, featured ad credit
Min payout : $1
Payment method : Paypal ($1), Alertpay ($1.01)
Payout Time : 1 days
Earning from ref : 1 level 10%
Forum : available | contact Incentria, contact Clicksia | TOS


Dec 11, 09: Got 2nd payment - for standard member the adds to click is few like 5-7 ads per day so it takes me more than 6 months to get 2nd payment of only 1 USD (I don't have ref.). If you don't like this long clicking, would not recommend this site. But Surely It will always pay to member.
May 17, 09:
-These 2 sites have the same owner.
-Personally I rather like to click at Clicksia than Incentria as Clicksia provides more ads with higher value ads than Incentria.

- You can contact site admin Northowl, at Earn money

Cashout screen shot:
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Payment proof:

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