Jan 25, 2009


Join this site: www.1dollarptc.com

Site Brief :

  • Paid To Click Ads worth $1 to $5
  • Paid To Sign Up Ads are worth $25 (there is no signup bonus)
  • Paid To Read Ads worth $1 to $5
  • $5000 Cashout!! It is very important to read Term and accept it. $5000 is a point to cash out, does not mean you will you reach $5000 then you will get $5000. As it is a profit sharing, my actual pay ment is 0.0012% of $5,000

  • Payout
    This is a revenue sharing site. Each payout period we determined the payout based on percentage of site income divided by how many request payment. So expect to get less then 1% of account balance to your payment processors. Do not threaten me or send me payment request. You agreed to this when joined the site and also by clicking on the ads. If you do not like it fill free to leave the site. Under old system we paid 45 days after end of each payment period. Under new system starting January 1st, 2009 we will pay daily one month after you request.

    • Payments for October and November will be paid between December 15th and December 31st. Starting with December payouts payouts will be made weekly 4-5 weeks after requested. We never pay more then few hours early so no point asking where payment is as we only pay once a month. So no point sending hundreds of emails asking where your payment is daily.
    Payment Proof
    • Cashout Screen

    • Payment Receive (14 days less than 1 mth.)
    Own View : Well, it is rather small amount but at least the site can be sustainable. My advice is that once your click reach $5,000 don't hurry to cash out because after you cash out your login session will be only around 15 mins to click ads - then system will kick you out. Try to reach $50,000 - 100,000 before cash out.
    • After reckoning, I decided to delete my account at 1DollarPTC. Main reason is because there are many good Aurora sites (Paid to Read like MentalEmails, Donkyemails) offering more earning per click effort meaning that my fingure get the same hurt but earn more cash.


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